Monday, January 23, 2012

The Condorcet High school

The Condorcet high school is a big school. There are about 1700 students and 144 teachers. There are two sides in this high school: on the one hand, vocational and on the other hand, general and technological. Since this year there has been a new section, the European section. Moreover, since two years, there has been an international section. It’s a sporty high school because there is a training center where we can practice handball, football and basketball. It’s also a scientific high school and there are higher national diplomas.

There are many activities to entertain the students such as the foosball and a room to play music in the students’ common room, a room to practice sports during the breakfast, a Comenius club where we can create a blog about our region for foreign schools and finally we can look at shows.

There are four buildings where the students study, the boarding school which can accommodate 164 students, the self-service dining hall, two gymnasiums, the administration, the parking lot and the staffroom.

Justine Baligniez, 2de 6

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